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Today’s Exporters | Importers | Distributors and Dealers consistently have difficulty sustaining profit margins. They must improve efficiency by simplifying their business processes, while simultaneously focusing on customer demands.

The lack of integration between the distributor and dealers can lead to conflict between service level agreements (SLA’s) and the ability to maximize efficiency and profit. Financial processes are difficult to track in financial systems without real-time integration.

Today’s customers are well informed with high expectations from the product, buying and ownership experience. Businesses need a 360-degree view of customers and products to meet these demands.

With our expert developers at the helm, and with flexibility in mind, IA Logics has the software solution for you. IA Logics allows you to quickly deploy our wide bouquet of products at an affordable cost, at a low service-to-software ratio.

All of IA Logics products are conveniently accessible across multiple platforms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from all corners of the globe.

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IA Logics is a South African registered company having its principal
place of business in Ballito, KwaZulu Natal.

IA Logics creates and supports, but is not restricted to, Importer
Exporter Logistics Distributor Dealer (Workshop/Fitment Centre)
Management IT Systems.

IA Logics was founded in 2014 and is driven by a group of experts who
have been in the motor industry in various roles (including OEM, retail
operations and most importantly, the development of computer systems) for many years.

IA Logics Services:

  • Systems Development
  • Partner Integration
  • Programming
  • Managed IT
  • Finance and Accounting Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • System Implementation
  • User Training
  • Technical Support
  • Client Consulting Services

Our Modules

When systems for various departments in various global locations are not integrated, business processes can become inefficient and inconsistent data can cause costly mistakes. The business and customer expect their demands to be met correctly, on time, every time. If staff lack the knowledge, information and process to handle business demands, customer loyalty decreases and brand loyalty erodes.

The IA Logics System provides a flexible solution with robust functionality and real-time data. It lets you streamline your business, improve staff efficiency, and build more profitable customer relationships.




System Advantages

Why Choose IA Logics?

Businesses change over time and so do your software needs.

If your current software is out-of-date, or holding your business back, upgrading can help you gain productivity and drive value from your initial investment.

Advantages of IA Logics:

  • Cut costs by automating routine tasks
  • Improve the efficiency of staff
  • Increase or measure office productivity
  • Streamline business operations and accounts
  • Replace paper processes
  • Communicate more effectively with customers, suppliers or partners
  • No limit to number of users logged in at the same time
  • Cloud based which reduces IT related costs
  • All modules have security keys to enable/disable users access to
  • All viewing screens in all modules have search filters which makes it
    easy when searching for documents processed
  • In any posting screen that is a grid, if you right click on the header, a
    search/filter is available to enable easy manoeuvring to locate
    information required

Why Change Your Current Software?

It’s not always easy to determine if your current software needs replacing. You may benefit from a change if, for example, your existing software:

  • Is frequently running slow
  • Is prone to bugs
  • Fails often
  • Is unable to cope with the number of users
  • Struggles with the volume of transactions
  • Can’t provide the level of reporting you need
  • Doesn’t meet the latest regulatory requirements
  • Doesn’t meet your changing business needs


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